This is reality, or is it fake? I am stuck in this avalanche, I can’t get out of it.  I advise you to spread your eyelids and lift them to the blue void to understand this. I have no money nor do I need you to feel bad about it. I can take it or leave it, plus or minus. Whatever happens means little. Even to me.

My mother! I recently murdered somebody. I purchased a projectile flinger and threatened the man. I fired the gun and killed the man. Mother! My experience had recently started but now it is already over. Mother! Oh! I didn’t intend for you to be upset. If I do not return in roughly twenty four hours, please continue with your life as it was. Continue it, pretending that everything means nothing.

The hour is late, I am no longer able to continue. I have chills along my back, and the rest of my earthly vessel hurts all hours of the day. Adios, all of you, I must leave now. I must retire from you and understand what I have done. Mother! Oh! (whichever direction the air moves) I wish to continue to live, however I sometimes pray that I had remained a non-entity.

I envision a small outline of a male human being.  Idealist! Idealist! Won’t you dance to mixture of folk and flamenco music. The gods are bowling, it scares me! A lot! Physicist! Mathematician! Astronomer! Philosopher! Tuscan! Kitty cartoon character! Quickly acquired, quickly lost. Won’t you allow me to leave?  No, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes. Negative, on no account, not at all, certainly not, definitely not, by no means, nope. Pierce, Colin, Stellan, please allow me to exit. The Devil has a demon waiting for me to arrive.

You believe you can throw rocks at me and then project your saliva into my ocular glands? You believe you can be enamored with me and then withdraw from me to depart this mortal coil? Oh young child! You are not allowed to act in this manner, newborn! I mus leave, I must leave at this moment.

Everything is meaningless, all are privy to this information. Everything is meaningless, everything is meaningless, in my eyes. All directions the air moves…