Today (well, technically yesterday) I lost my virginity (yay for truth in headlines!)! That’s right, I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. And it was a lot of fun. Like a lot. Earlier in the summer my friend John suggested that we play D&D and I was down for it but we never got around to it. We finally played several hours ago and it was a blast.

John and Jesse had played before but I was new to the whole thing unless you count watching the horrible movie, which I don’t. Neither of them particularly wanted to be the Dungeon Master so I said I would do it. Everybody who knows me understands how much I enjoy trying new things, but I was genuinely excited. I enjoy the fantasy genre and the whole creating things on the fly idea was intriguing. We did a kind of quick match thing and I just riffed off of what they had in a book. Again, it was a lot of fun. Two “adventures” later Jesse and I switched roles and he became the DM and I became a player. It wasn’t as fun for me. Perhaps I just enjoy being in control. Anyways, John gave me two books, including one that was full of monsters which seems like it would be cool but the age of the book and the style of the drawings turns it into awesomeness incarnate (or, inpageate, as it’s on paper instead of meat). So, give it a try, you may like it more than sex. Probably not, though.