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Your TV at home is not as good as a cinema screen. It isn’t. No matter how big it is it isn’t a multi-story screen. And no matter how good your sound system is it isn’t as good as the sound systems in the theater. Yes, it may be more convenient and pleasant sometimes to watch a movie in your house rather than go to a theater but you have to admit that it is no comparison. A filmmaker intends for his or her movies to be seen in a certain way and, like it or not, they usually know best. You can’t say you saw a picture of the Mona Lisa or Saturn Devouring His Son on the internet and say you saw what the artist intended. You can get a feeling, an impression, but nothing compares to the real deal. Yes, movies are for entertainment but they are also an art form and it is important to recognize this. So, when you feel like boasting about your great home setup, just stop and remember that you are an idiot and go out to your local cinema to support the arts.


Here is the first second showing by a director on my list. Confusicated yet?


This is one of the most underrated movies of last year (2007). It got no nominations at the Oscars and was poorly received at the box office. It is, however, a great movie by the great David Fincher. The movie focuses on cartoonist Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his obsession with the Zodiac killer and his letters to San Francisco newspapers in the 1970’s. At over two and a half hours long, it becomes a pretty in depth look at both the murders and the obsession that they caused.

Fincher is a director known for crafting beautiful films that also plumb emotional depths that aren’t expected from the view that isn’t in the know. I can’t say that he has taken a wrong step (although I have not seen The Game) and his upcoming The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (with returning collaborator Brad Pitt) looks to continue the stretch of outstanding movies.

Here is the Zodiac trailer (check out Robert Downey Jr.’s swanky threads!)

And a bonus! The Curious Case of Benjamin Button trailer: