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And also Chanukaha and Kwanzaa and Solstice and Winter Related Celebration of Something. Or Thursday.

Also, I found out today that Leonard Maltin gave Blade Runner a 1.5 star rating. Perhaps that was just the original cut (which has a bad reputation) but that is just stupid. He is officially an idiot.


I haven’t been with you for a week. I should be posting more because I have no school work to do. Anyways, here are some things I have been thinking about, if it interests you.

There seems to be a general feeling on the internet that advertising in any way is bad. And, while I agree that if we could just get a stat sheet or something for every competing product and chose what we want to buy from the information on the sheet it would make for an easier and less stressful time for everybody, I don’t think the advertising business is going anywhere. I do not believe that all advertisments are evil or the cause of the fall of man or a sign of the apocalypse or a mark of the general stupidity of human beings because I don’t think that human beings are stupid. I seem to be the only person on the internet with an optimistic outlook on life and humanity. The fact that we fall for a viral ad or that the Twilight movie was number 1 at the box office doesn’t mean the whole race of human beings is condemnable. It just means that some of us are stupider than others and we will have to deal with this. There have always been stupid people and there always will be stupid people. And I don’t necessarily think that people who laugh at ads are stupid because I am one of them. I will applaud a great ad instead of jumping straight to a “what does this mean about humanity as a whole” angle. Who gives a crap? It’s 30 seconds of fun or cornyness featuring a certain product.

That went on for too long. Sorry. I don’t blame you if you didn’t read it all.

In the immortal words of that one song, “Christmas time is here.” This, of course, means lots of Christmas music and merriness. If you would like a definitive list of all that is good and Christmasy, here you go:

  • Movies:

A Muppet Christmas Carol


Die Hard (NSFW video)

  • Music:

Get Behind Me, Santa! – Sufjan Stevens

Christmas in Hollis – Run D.M.C.

Little Drummer Boy – David Bowie and Bing Crosby

Ok, that’s enough.

Oh, one more thing! The new camera is pretty darn awesome. Check out my other website for awesome pictures!

I am in a not so unique position because my birthday comes a little more than a month after Christmas. This makes for an extended gift recieving season which suits me just fine. This year is a little different, though. I only want one thing for Christmas and my birthday combined (although I suppose I wouldn’t spit at anything else on my My Wish List ) and that is a new camera. I got a camera for my birthday two years ago and I have enjoyed using it all these years. Now, though, I want to move on up (to the east side?) and finally get my dirty mits on a dSLR (digital single lens reflex). The Canon XSi is the top choice for my entry into this wide and wonderful world of sports cameras.

It is perhaps the sexiest camera I have ever laid eyes on. I cannot guarantee that I won’t kiss it when I finally own one. The only problem is that it costs about 600 bucks to buy it. Ouch. As a college student I have a very tight budget and even with both parents working together it’s still kind of a close call. So, if you want to see a new camera in my hands even half as much as I do (and would like to help me get there), I invite you to donate a little to my paypal account. I’ll put the button at the bottom of this post and on the sidebar so you can donate any time you want. I appreciate all of your support (even if it’s just verbal (or written, since this is the internets)).

Would you like to help me buy a camera?